whole rabbit meat

whole rabbit meat

Rabbit meat for sale in Olympia, WA

This listing includes a live rabbit that we will dispatch and clean for you as a complimentary service.

You will receive a whole rabbit, less the pelt. The heart, liver and kidneys are available at no additional fee.

Rabbits are purebred Rex (standard) and are dispatched between 4-6 months of age. Weigh out will be between 4-5 lbs on average, though this will vary. A younger rabbit (4 months) will be smaller and more tender, while an older rabbit (6 months) will be larger and slightly tougher.

Additional butchering for separating legs, loin, flanks, etc. is available upon request at an additional $15 per rabbit.

Because we do not own or utilize a WSDA operation, we are legally obligated to inform you that any meat is intended for animal use only and not for human consumption.

That said, we will do the exact same process that we use for our own personal meat consumption.

Preferred age:

august 12, 2020

4 month rabbit pick up date:

october 12, 2020

6 month rabbit pick up date:


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