what is unschholing exactly?

buzzwords aside, we're kinda weird

We've done some stuff, from a literal cross-country and back road trip with three small children in tow, to buying and selling a house, to living in the city, to living in the country(-ish), to a variety of employment, to self-employment.

Between us we have a Political Science degree, an English degree and a J.D. and with all that formal education, we've decided to unschool our children.

We've minimized our possessions and we do our best to be frugal, though we're currently dealing with some gnarly student loans.

Lastly, we have a variety of businesses, and although we're far from wealthy (very far), we're starting to figure it out and we think we have a lot to share that people might find of interest.

thoughts on frugality

There's a quote from the tech tree in Civ 6 (nerd alert!) that goes something like, "Wealth is not in having more, but in needing less." That is the core of frugalism.

It's not about depriving yourself in order to be rich later, it's about jumping off the hedonic treadmill and cultivating contentedness with a smaller footprint and a less materialistic life.

thoughts on minimalism

Thoughts on minimalism

We think minimalism and frugality go hand in hand, after all, what better way to spend less money than to buy less stuff?!

But minimalism goes far beyond buying less stuff. It's about decluttering your life and finding some measure of peace in the absence of stuff.

thoughts on conformity

Thoughts on conformity

Several times throughout this site, I've mentioned how "weird" we are. It's just hard to overstate how important it is to disregard social convention if you think it's important to go a different way in order to be happy.

Because of our desire to conform to the way we thought young professionals should be, we spent a lot longer on the beaten path than we would have otherwise, even though it was making us deeply unhappy.

The longer we make our own way, the easier it gets.

thoughts on frugality

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unschooling on the blog

Self-sustainability means a lot to us - growing our own produce, raising animals humanely and creating supplementary income.

Minimalism, frugality - they sound like limiting beliefs, but what if we shifted the perspective from "need-ing more" to "having everything"?

We're a little hippie and a lot of carving out spaces for innovation, exploration and pursuing passions for our little, growing minds.

urban homesteading.

free learning.

abundant living.