reserve a rex

reserve a rex

Rex Rabbits for sale in Olympia, WA.

Raising Abundance Rex (standard) rabbits in Olympia, WA come fully pedigreed and with a week's supply of transitional pellets at 8+ weeks of age.

If you have any troubles with your rabbits, you may return them for a 40% refund within 2 weeks, as long as you have effectively:
       - Quarantined from any other rabbits for the entire time and
       - Not fed the rabbit(s) anything other than transitional feed, standard rabbit pellets, timothy hay or similar (upon approval), straw, and/or apple tree branches. NO grass or greens should be given unless pre-approved and over 16 weeks of age.

If a rabbit has been sexed incorrectly, you may exchange it for another rabbit as soon as possible, either from an upcoming litter or grow out pen or with a senior rabbit, depending on availability.

We are also always happy to take back Raising Abundance rabbits if you are no longer in need of them for any reason and are happy to negotiate terms on a case-by-case basis after the 2 week period.

This deposit is NOT THE FULL PRICE. You will be expected to pay the remaining balance at time of pick up. The FULL PRICE PER RABBIT IS $50 and your deposit is refundable up until 2 weeks before scheduled pick up.

Rex Colors that we have in our breeding program and that may be available (contact us for specific requests and availability) - Chocolate, Lilac, Amber, Castor, Black, Blue, Harlequin, Otter, Broken.

We may be able to deliver up to an hour outside of Olympia, WA upon request.

YAY! Our oldest two kiddos work so hard to care for and socialize all of the bunnies in our little rabbitry and, thus, they get a major $$ cut of each sale. They offer you huge smiles, happy dances and major gratitude for your support!

aug 8 - sep 15, 2020

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# available:

$25 deposit

remaining balance of $25 cash will be required at time of pick up. Contact us for more details


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Byrd, Thistledown, Cooper Creek lines
27+ Leg & BOS lineage
Broken Blue   |   #TLN13   |   9/11/2019

Byrd, Thistledown, Judon lines
9+ Leg lineage
Broken Chocolate   |   #BB9P1   |   6/6/2019

CP, Big Hanaford Valley, Ravenwood, Copper Kettle lines
Amber   |   #GX792   |   7/3/2019

Judon, Big Hanaford Valley, Little Moon, Copper Kettle lines
Black   |   #TA593   |   5/22/2019

Shannon Demiter, Byrd, Thistledown, CP lines
7+ Leg lineage
Blue   |   5/17/2019