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We are parents

and we're doing our best to improve every day

We have 4 kids. It's a lot of kids. And each kid is incredibly unique, who knew? They each require different parenting techniques so we're getting a wide variety of experience.

We like to think that we're decent parents, but like everyone else, we probably overestimate our abilities and we definitely make our share of mistakes.

We're still happy to share everything we've learned in the hopes that it can make someone else's life a little easier.

After all the thousands of generations of humanity and all the science that's been conducted in the past few hundred years, we're still relegated to trial and error for a lot of parenting, so let's figure it out together!

Thoughts on Parenthood

Between jobs, TV, fast food, and video games, it can feel like it's hard to find things to do that matter, things like building things that save people time and money, or protecting the environment, or learning something new and difficult.

We think that parenthood is a thing that matters. One day we'll all be gone and our kids won't be. We are the stewards of the future. As easy as it is to become a parent, and with as little respect as stay-at-home parents are given, it can feel like parenting doesn't much matter, like it's just another chore, but it seems to us that raising and educating tomorrow's leaders is a task worthy of the utmost respect, and diligence.

thoughts on education

Thoughts on education

There's more to know than ever before! Luckily, a large part of all knowledge (at least in the English speaking world) is available for free or for very little cost online.

Modern education takes somewhere between 13 and 20-something years. We believe that young people can, on average, learn waaaay more than they do in that time period.

thoughts on discipline

Thoughts on discipline

Discipline isn't about forcing our children to defer to authority. It's about teaching them the right way to act, independent of authority.

It's also about being the type of authority that deserves to be listened to. "Because I said so" is a show of strength (and a useful last resort), but we wouldn't respect an authority who gave that reason, so why should we teach our kids to do that?

thoughts on parenthood

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in praise of parenthood

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Turns out starting your own business, adding real value to peoples' lives and doing something you LOVE isn't at all impossible.

Minimalism, frugality - they sound like limiting beliefs, but what if we shifted the perspective from "need-ing more" to "having everything"?

We're a little hippie and a lot of carving out spaces for innovation, exploration and pursuing passions for our little, growing minds.



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