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Education Can Happen Anytime

by Kelly Sherwood When we mention that we’re homeschooling our kids, peoples’ main reaction seems to be along the lines of “But how will they learn the things they need to learn?” And almost no one actually says that, because it would imply that we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing (which we totally […]

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Building Intuition about the Workings of the World

by Kelly Sherwood I frequently visit a website called Better Explained where the creator of the site explains various math and computer science concepts. His approach to the whole site is to explain things in a way that people develop an intuition about the concepts. This is in contrast to the way that we learn […]

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The Guilt of Wanting Something Better

by Kelly Sherwood I was reading Chris Guillebeau’s The Happiness of Pursuit, and there was a part in the beginning where he talks about a young man on the verge of getting a great job, and deciding that he wasn’t sure at all if he wanted it and to go look for something better in […]

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