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Unschooling Curriculum

how it all began

we have an education in the unconventional

We are weird. There's no two ways about it. We got married rather young by millenial standards. We had kids rather young by millenial standards. We're both highly educated (with the corresponding student loan debt), but we eschewed the careers that our educations enabled in exchange for owning our own businesses in unrelated fields. We've lived in the city, we've lived in the country. We've rented apartments and one time we even owned a home in the country... briefly. We do our best to practice frugalism and minimalism, and we try to be very conscientious consumers.

We traveled the United States (hitting 40 something states along the way) with three very small children in tow, living out of suitcases in delightfully small Airbnbs. Despite both of us working on the business, we're going to give homeschooling a try. We're into computer games, cross stitch, table top games, cooking, video games, literature, sci-fi and fantasy (which for some silly reason don't count as literature), sports (and sports betting whenever we're somewhere that it's legal). The common thread that holds it all together is the relentless push toward a better life.

and we want to share what we've learned

who this site is for

anyone who wants to make a change

This site is for people who want to implement any or all of the changes we've made in our lives to try and lead more fulfilling existences. It's for people who want to make a career change and start their own business. It's for people who want to parent differently. It's for people who just want to live differently. Spend less money. Have more time. Live more life. This may sound cheesy, but at the end of the day, it's what we care about. Business is the way you make a living, but it's not important enough to capture our full attention.

Parenting is plenty fulfilling, but raising kids isn't exactly an exercise in intellectual stimulation.  In our opinion, a full life involves a little bit of everything, and that's what this site aims to deliver. We'll talk about what we've learned about parenting, business, and generally living a fulfilling life. We'll also have lots of book and other resource recommendations (and not just self help, either). We'll have homeschooling curriculum. We also run a summit, where you can get the best current information from experts in all the things we love.

stay a while and listen

Kyrsten is the wife half of Raising Abundance, The Modern Conference and the Launch Brand Grow Community. 

She's a serial hobbyist (currently into bullet journalling, embroidery and color pencilling) as well as a serial entrepreneur (has had roughly 7 "successful" businesses in the past 6 or so years).

She's got that hippie spirit and if she could make money by giving everything she knows and owns away for free, she totally would.

Meet raising abundance

Kelly is the husband half of the businesses mentioned to the left.

He's an aspiring computer programmer (Python and Django currently), gamer (PC, PS4 and whatever the kids want to play). He's also an avid reader of all things at least 70 years old, tech-heavy sci-fi and history- or geography-related.

He's technical minded and if he could make money sitting at home everyday playing computer games, reading and hanging with the kids, he would.

Enjoys computer, app & Nintendo gaming of all sorts. Can read numbers into the millions. Taught himself to spell & read using video games & technology.

The Mrs.

serial entrepreneur & hobbyist

the Mr.

bibliofile & technologist

the gamer

age 5

Enjoys drawing, painting and writing. Is fiercely independent. Taught herself to write the whole alphabet almost perfectly with no assistance.

the Artist

age 4

Enjoys mimicking everything that The Artist does. Laughs easily & talks as well as most 3+ year olds. Says please and thank you without prompting (sometimes).

the jokester

age 2

Enjoys snuggles, nursing and a good poop. Co-sleeps with Mom & Dad. Hasn't accomplished much yet (but we have no doubt that he will one day).

the new guy

age 0

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