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leading & nurturing self-sustainable, interest-driven  lives

Raising Abundance

Whether on a screen or on a board, a large portion of our learning time comes from playing games, both solo and with the family.


Self-sustainability has been a long-time goal of ours. Gardening, animal husbandry and creating income entrepreneurially.

Urban Homesteading.

We're a little hippie and a lot of carving out spaces for innovation, exploration and pursuing passions for our little, growing minds.

free learning.


A day in the life of an unschooler series



Outschool: our fave interest-led resource


What does "Unschooling" really look like?

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Welcome to the Family.

The crazy thing about all of this is how little of it we planned out in advance. For the last several years, we've just tried to live according to a handful of basic principles and otherwise do things that we think are interesting.

We traveled around the country in our van with our first three kiddos, decided to move to Arizona on a whim for a couple years, we've owned multiple small businesses, and now we're homesteading, unschooling and basically always just trying to enjoy life.

meet Raising abundance.